Sameh Mahmoud

Instructor Name

Sameh Mahmoud

Instructor Level

German - B2 certified

Teaching hours

40 hrs.


Hallo Guys,

My name is Sameh Mahmoud, and I am really glad to be teaching you one the best languages in the world.

An engineering graduate with passion towards technology and languages.Regarding the academic and professional career , i have studied electrical engineering in cairo university and got my bachelor degree from Electric power department in 2017, a year later i have pursued another track of engineering that has something to do with the IT industry. for my language journey , it begins just after my graduation when i decided to refresh the german i have learned in high school but with more focusing on how to master a second foreign language and since then i have been learning throughout various resources (online material , YouTube channels and academic courses) i have successfully completed both A2 and B1 level with house of knowledge and last milestone i have achieved was getting certified with Goethe B2 certificate and currently i`m moving further with C1 course.
i will be always grateful for all my teachers who significantly contributed in forming my german knowledge and this sense of gratitude urged me to apply to teach and transfer the knowledge to keep that cycle.